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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Slow Week

Not a whole lot to talk about after last week's relatively slim pickings game-wise.  Stanford revealed a potentially fine downfield passing attack which, theoretically, should open things up for their run game.  The first big test is at home Saturday versus the Dawgies from Washington. UW shut them down in Seattle last year, but that was before Stanford started Kevin Hogan at quarterback.  UW QB Kevin Price looks back on form this year and it should be a fun game.

Bon Mots du Jour
Some nice quips from Jon Wilner's blog in the San Jose Mercury News (I just love the name of that paper):
  • On the upcoming Oregon-Colorado matchup:  "No chance the Ducks put 70 on CU this year. They won’t score more than 65."
  • On USC:  "Given Lane Kiffin’s track record, look for him to be named coach of the Patriots tomorrow."

Why Do I Bother
Can someone please explain to me why Ohio State is ranked ahead of Stanford?  The Bucks resume includes wins over Buffalo (they who were taken to overtime by Stony Brook!), a lousy San Diego State, Cal (OSU gave up 34 points to arguably the second worst team in the PAC) and perennial powerhouse Florida A&M.  They then squeaked by Wisconsin at home.  Stanford doesn't have a great resume yet, but flattened an Arizona State team in Tempe that already beat Wisconsin.  Yeah, a bit convoluted.  But conventional wisdom has the PAC as one of the strongest conferences in the country and the Bee-One-Gee as one of the weak sisters.  So whazzup?

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